Feedback from participating education providers and agents

Education Agents Forum Sydney 2023


A very well run event. This has been a great opportunity for us to showcase Hale School to a large number of international agents in a very short amount of time.

Hale School

Super productive day. Great variety of agents and countries represented. Well done!

National College of Vocational Education

Thank you, this event is very well organised, your communication and support are highly appreciated.

Embracia Education

Great event, thank you!

The Language Academy

Thank you for the productive event and efficient organisation.


A great day - very well organised and managed! A high-quality selection of agents. The booking system was excellent.

Aeropower Helicopters

Thank You! A very good event.

Vigil International College

It was a very busy and productive day for us! The Education Agents Forum team is amazing in supporting us before and during the Forum. Thanks!

A Grade Education and Training


Thank you for organising the event. The meetup was fruitful, and therefore, we will consider more events in the future. The format of the meetings is also very good.

Konze Enterprise


A good number of colleges and schools and useful event overall.

Vision Education & Migration Services

Thanks for the event and for your help in organising appointments. I was able to meet a lot of education providers we are interested in.

Vita Vina

Thank you for the opportunity; it was a great event in any case. Happy to meet new schools.

Ferguson Education

Another wonderful event. Thank you for organising it and connecting educational agents with education providers. I will happily participate in your events in the future. Thank you!

Direct Migration Group Australia

Thank you for organising another great Forum. Excellent contacts, organisation, friendly staff, great timing for meetings and breaks.

J Kis Migration

Excellent quality of contacts, event management and venue. Thank you, Education Agents Forum!

Asian Education Consultants – AEC

I am very pleased with the event in general; thank you, it was productive.

The Bond Education Australia

I had a wonderful time meeting colleges, schools, and service providers. Thank you for organising The Forum. It was quite informative.

Wellpoint Education Agency

Education Agents Forum Melbourne 2022


Well done to you and your team – you put on a good event. Simple and straightforward concept, we are happy to attend & support.


Thank you for the good day, it was a very productive and well-organised event.

ASC International

This is our first agent forum, and we feel it has been successful.

Trade Institute of Victoria

The overall organisation is excellent; well done.

College of Complementary Medicine

An excellent forum. Thank you very much!

Hills International College

Good event, well done!

All Saints' School


It was a really great event yesterday; thank you for your hospitality.


It was a productive event. Special thanks to the team.



It's the first time I'm attending the Education Agents Forum, and I'm very impressed with how well it is organised. I met lots of colleagues and established connections with some reputable education providers. I would definitely like to attend other Education Agents Forums in the future and would be happy to travel to any location in Australia to attend the forums. Thank you for such a great event.

Direct Migration Group Australia

Attending this event is always very fruitful. I highly recommend Education Agents Forum, the whole team is highly professional. Great!

Asian Education Consultants - AEC

I enjoyed every aspect of the workshop. I was able to connect with a lot of providers. Thank you so much for arranging the workshop.

Wellpoint Education Agency

Everything was great, thank you very much. Contacts are great. Looking forward to your next event.

J Kis Migration (Jelena Kis)

This event is essential because it helps agents connect with education providers. Please keep it going.

Sonka Diaspora Solution Ltd.

It was a very informative session, and it was good to see all the providers under one roof. Thanks for organising such an event, and we look forward to many more such events in the future.

Legal Overseas

It was really nice attending this Forum. Thanks for organising. It was a great opportunity for us. Let us keep in touch. 

Australia Futura Education Pty. Ltd

Many thanks for this. It was a very well-run day. I only wish the meetings were longer! Regardless, I really enjoyed the day.

Optimum Australia Migration

Education Agents Forum Brisbane 2019


Thank you for organising this! It allowed us to explore new ideas and get new leads. Very well done!

Leaders Institute

Thank you for the excellent Forum!

Citipointe Christian College

Hopefully, we can get a good outcome from the Forum. We loved to be part of it.

Ingress Training Academy

Wonderful event, thank you.

Pacific Training Group

Great Forum, well done!

Moreton Bay College

Thank you, it was a wonderful opportunity again to link up with agents. Thanks for the excellent arrangements.

Aquinas College

Another excellent event!

St Paul's School


It was a great event; we really appreciate you and the team organising this successful Education Agents Forum. Looking forward to joining again.


Thanks, it was a really productive Forum.

Allianz Global Assistance


Thank you very much – it was a well-organised and pleasant event. We are very optimistic about some of the new relationships forged at the Forum.

Turnstone Migration

Thank you so much for the opportunity to meet providers in person and participate in this well organised Forum.


The event was well-run, I enjoyed it.

SEI Campus -Sri Lanka

The very well organised event, thank you.

5STAR Student Services

It was an enjoyable experience; we got some useful contacts & agreements through this.

Edify Group of Companies

I am happy to have joined the Education Agent Forum 2019.

Royal Vision Education Counselling

Thank you so much for the useful event and all your support.

Rise Education Services (RES)

I participated for the first time, and I am very much impressed by the management. The whole event is organised with professionalism. I would recommend to agents and educators to attend these events.

Asian Education Consultants

Education Agents Forum Sydney 2018


Thank you, it was a great day.

Oceania College of Technology 

I appreciate all the work done to bring agents and educators together. Thanks.

Job Training Institute

Overall a really good event, thank you.

New York Film Academy Australia

Thank you for another wonderful event.

Bedford College

The organisation of the Forum good, we met some interesting agents.

University Preparation College

We had a productive day at the Forum.

ZOI Education


Kudos for this extremely smooth event! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with everyone.



Very well organised event, with good time-management and great location. Thanks!

Go Study Australia

It is an excellent program; we met so many colleges under one roof. Thank you.

Achievers International

Fantastic organisation, courteous and well-informed team. Keep up the good work!

Migration Giants

Very well organised event! It is really helpful to meet new education providers

Boomerang Australia Studies

Thank you for the event, we would like to meet with more high schools next time

IES Sydney

Thank you very much for the opportunity – fantastic event organisation.

StudyHub Global

Great event, thank you!

Jupa Study

Thanks for your excellent work and organisation, the Forum was productive and helpful. I am looking forward to attending again.

Heron Assist

Well organised event. We hope more high schools can be involved next time.

Lanso International

It was a pleasure to have attended the Forum, thank you.

Will World Education

Thank you, the event went well; I liked it a lot.

Moz Visa Services

It is my pleasure to attend your workshops; I had always made some good connections. I am looking forward to participating again at your future events.

Yes Education

Thank you very much for organising the forum. I enjoyed meeting many colleges and agents on Monday.

Chinese Connections

Education Agents Forum Melbourne 2017

Education providers

Very well organised, excellent job. Please keep us on your list; we want to come to others. Support from the team has been excellent.

Global Training Institute

Thank you so much for a wonderful event. Please accept our heartiest congratulations on the Forum well run.

Orange International College

Thank you very much for organising the event. It has turned out to be a fruitful journey for us.

Empyrean Education Institute

The event went well, thank you.

Australian Professional Education Institute

Thanks for organising, good job!

International College of Advanced Education

Thank you for all your efforts in making the fair a successful event. We thought it was worthwhile and will follow up on some new contacts made.

Intensive English Language Institute

Thank you, it was a great day!

New Horizons Learning Centres


What a great and well-organised event! I made some really good contacts and potential good collaborations from the Forum, and we will be very keen to attend again next year.


I think the event was good, thank you very much!

Cambridge Assessment English


Thank you for inviting us, the event was very successful and useful for us.

Han Hua Education & Migration Group

Thank you, the event was great.

Marwaha Overseas

Thank you. Very well organised!

SinoCredit Migration & Education Firm

It was my pleasure to participate in this Forum, many thanks for your invitation. We hope to participate again in your future events.


We appreciate your work and we found the event really productive.

Warna Legal

Thank you for your hospitality and congratulations on organising such a successful event. As an upcoming agency in the Australian education industry, we were able to get acquainted with numerous education providers, so it was a very productive day for us. Please do keep us updated on any such events in the near future.


Thank you so much for the event, it was very helpful for us to connect with more education providers.

Global Education Advisory & Property Services

The event was organized very professionally. I was very impressed. I have made some great business alliances, already. I am more than happy to participate in the next event.

Nowak Migration

It was indeed a fruitful event. Thank you (& your team) for your hard work in putting up this event.

Australian Education Advisory Services

The Forum was very productive. Thanks for your efforts.

LMB Education

It was a great opportunity for new agents like us!

A C H Education

Yes, it was a wonderful experience to attend the Education Agent Forum. The arrangements were excellent and well planned. We are happy to attend similar events in the near future.

Rise Education Services

Great opportunities to meet with different institutes.

Australian Utalant Education

It was a very good experience. Thank you for organising.

Kantipur International Open Education

Your team organised everything perfectly from the start. You were amazing hosts!

Visa Pundit

Education Agents Forum Sydney 2016

Education providers

Excellent organisation in communicating throughout the event. Good venue, interesting contacts made. Thank you.

James Cook University

We found the event useful. Thank you for your help.

Alphacrucis College

This was my first one. Everything seemed very well organised. Thank you.

Australian Institute of Music

The event was well organised. We were looked after and appointments are kept on time. Thank you for a great Day 2016!

Bedford College

Thank you, it was a great event!

Dalton College

The event was well organised. Keep it up!

Hamro Institute of Business Technology

The event was very well organised and I look forward to participating in other events too.

Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology

We enjoyed the event and made some useful contacts. The event was well managed and ran efficiently.

Australian Technology & Trade College

It was a great event and fantastic organisation from your end. We will be back for the next one!

Australian Institute of Family Counselling

Thanks to you and your team for an excellent day. Please keep in touch with future events.

Oceania College of Technology

Thanks, it was great attending the forum.

MnM Institute


Thank you for your warm hospitality during the agent forum.



We found the event productive and would love to attend each year.

Australian Education Advisory Services

Great event. Useful connections, very well organised. Thank you! Look forward to attending more of your forums.

Australian Visa Immigration Consultancy

This workshop is very helpful for us, our agency was able to meet existing partners as well as new education providers. We would love to participate in the next workshop.

Australian Standard Education

Great opportunity to network. Thanks.

Blue Studies International

The workshop was a great way to be exposed to lots of providers at one time. It was well organised, I appreciate your assistance in arranging appointments for me.

Dynamic Migration

Really good forum, very helpful for building the relationship with educators.

Gracindo Education

Big thank you!

KBA Global

Very well organised event, effective and productive meetings. Thanks a lot for the invitation!

Will World Australia

Thank you so much for the great event you hosted. It was a very interesting and productive day. We are looking forward to working with our newly made contacts.

SEH Education & Migration

Thank you for organising and assisting us at the Education Agent Forum. We would like to make the most of the contacts I made from the meetings.

Edu-Migrate Information Centre (EmiC)

Thank you for having me in the Forum. I will actively promote the colleges to overseas students offshore / onshore. I look forward to attending similar functions you will organise in the future.

Jdlea Migration Consultants

Thank you very much for your invitation too, and the workshop was great and I did make some good contacts.


We learned a lot from the education providers. We wish see join again next year.

Han Hua Education & Migration Group

Education Agents Forum Brisbane 2015

Education providers

It was a very busy and productive day, I think that we will get a couple of new successful agent partners from the event, and it was good to catch up with some of our existing agents as well. Many thanks for all of your hard work.

Education Centre of Australia (ECA Group)

Thanks for conducting such a wondering and fruitful event. This event certainly took me by surprise and I will be looking to attend again next year.

Merage Global Institute of Technology (MGIT)

Online registration platform was excellent! Friendly staff.

S P Jain School of Global Management

Thank you for hosting us. It was a great event.

American College

I personally found the forum to be well organised and run very efficiently, congratulations to you and your team also.

Airways Aviation

The forum was good and we hope that we would be able to achieve our outcomes.

Acknowledge Education

It was pleasure to take part in the event. We would like to receive more information about the next forums you plan to organise.

Empyrean Education Institute



We were very impressed with the way you organised and conducted this event and your helpful approach towards working with us.

Allianz Global Assistance

Thank you, the event was really well organised + opened a new avenue of marketing for us. A big thank you.

Genesis 1 Student Accommodation

I greatly enjoyed the Education Agent Forum – we had great conversations and it was a fantastic set up.


Education agents

Thank you for inviting me to the Agents Forum. It was pleasure to be a part of the event.

Study Online Australia

We had a great time as always and it was really productive. We met great Providers and I’m sure it will help all of us to grow more every day.

Will World Australia

Thanks for organising the event so efficiently. The location was great and facilities in the hotel were very good. We look forward to attending your next event.

National Australia Migration Services

Thank you for the opportunity to attend and participate in the Forum. It was a well organised and coordinated event enabling education providers and agents to meet and discuss/negotiate business opportunities.

World 2 Australia Migration Solutions

Thanks very much for inviting me to the Forum. I had good time and it was very productive.

The Old Man Migration

Thanks for organising such a productive event, we do appreciate your effort. Well done!

Pacific Center Planet of Adventures

It was great experience in Education Agent Forum, and hope to see your again on next event.

Mi-Ed Consulting

The workshop was great! Thanks for inviting me

Discovery Education & Travel

Thank you and it was a very well run event. We came away with the potential of several new mutually beneficial relationships and are busy following up today with the education providers. Well done on exceptional organization and we look forward to your next event!

Turnstone Migration Services

We hope we can join the next event and meet you again.

Han Hua Education & Migration Group

Thank you for organising forum. For sure the event was productive.

AustraliaOnline/ SIS Consulting

Thank you for inviting me to take part in such a great event. The organization was fantastic!

My Australian Dream

Thank you for the great event.

Grasshopper International

Enormous business opportunities and networking.

World 2 Australia Migration Solutions

Great communication. Well organized event.

Pacific Center Planet of Adventures

Excellent event, very helpful team and great networking.

Marwaha Overseas

We got a lot out of it; all questions were answered and we built great relationships with education providers. It makes such a big difference re future communication when we meet face to face first.


Education Agents Forum Sydney 2014

Education providers

The event was very well organised and I'm sure we have got some really good contacts from our list.

TAFE Queensland North

I found it to be of good value for us as I leaned a lot of much needed information as we have not used agents before, so this was a learning experience for us and we have more information on which to make a decision about sourcing more international students. The event was well organised and supported by all the information you provided on the day and leading up to the event.

Marcus Oldham College

Thank you also for organising the event which I feel was very successful and I have made some new agent contacts.

Bedford College

It was a pleasure taking part in your forum yesterday. Thank you so much for all your help leading up to and during the event. As a result we certainly made some valuable contacts.

Alphacrucis College

Thank you for good organisation and giving information of agents to us. I will be happy to attend again. Already we have agents want to become agent with us and visit our campus.

Oceania Polytechnic

This was the first time we have been involved in this Forum. It was very well organised from the initial contact on the event to the actual day. We will be back next year. Well done!

DNA Kingston Training

Good day, very well run, helpful staff, would recommend.

4Life Training


Thank you for hosting such a professional and collaborative Forum. Look forward to work with the Education Agent Forum in the future.



Thank you for the fabulous opportunity to attend the Forum yesterday! We found it to be a very positive experience, and congratulate you on the great day.


It was good to attend and we appreciate your assistance on the day. Great day – Thank you.

Iglu Pty Limited

Education agents

Very well done! Very well organised, hotel and appointments were perfect!

Will World Australia

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to participate in the Education Agents Forum. I wish to congratulate both of you to organise such an event that was very well managed. Keep up the good work. Do inform me of your future events. The interaction with education providers was very useful and informative.

AHK Australian Migration Solution

Thank you for organisation and for your support for the Forum. It was a great opportunity to meet the education providers in different locations yesterday. I look forward to hearing the next events.

Edu-Migrate Information Centre (EMiC)

Thank you so much for your wonderful function. Event was really well managed, successful and gave much benefits for agents. I really appreciated for your quick response always and appreciated for your well managed function. One more thanks for catering especially you managed Halal Food, that was awesome.

GNC Study International

It was a lovely event. Thank you for all your time and efforts in making a successful Education Agents Forum. I do look forward to being part of your next event.

Newland Travel & Immigration

I wish to thank you for your invitation to attend the Forum and to congratulate you on its success. I look forward to hear from you again in the future.


Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this year EAF. The event was very well organised and we were able meet many providers and contacts outside WA. We look forward to joining you for future events.

National Australia Migration Services

I am more of than happy to join the event and get very good relationship with education institution. Hope that will have a chance to meet you again in the next event.

Tinphu International

The event is very helpful for us. We have a great meeting with schools and connected with some agents. We will definitely come next time. Look forward to seeing you again.

Trigon Consultant Services Company

Thank you for everything, it was really great event! We will be happy to participate in the future. 

Alfa Agency Brno

Thank you for organising this fair it was very productive for me and I have met many new schools.

Open Conexus

It was really nice to be part of Education Agents Forum. And of course your nice hospitality and help that you provided was great.

Kandel Brother & Associates

It was pleasure to meet you again. It was a fantastic day.

Study Online Australia 

We thank you for the opportunity to attend this event on the 24th November 2014 and meet with the educational institutions. As a relatively new agency we used this event to expand our network of offerings to our prospective students and hopefully reach some agreements with these institutions. We both found that the event was well organised and so you should be very proud of your efforts and the efforts of your team. We hope to see you again at an event and we would love to be kept informed of future happenings.

JumpUps Education Agency

Education Agents Forum Melbourne 2013

Education providers

Excellent organisation, very efficient, thoroughly recommend it. My emails have been very busy today with agents requesting to visit our College. So thank you again for an excellent day.

Beaconhills College

The event was organised in the most professional manner. Thank you for all your help and support.

Education Training and Employment Australia

Excellent organisation. Made some very good contacts.

International Training College

Everything went very well and I met many good new agents. Thank you again for your assistance.

Queensland International Business Academy

Many thanks for organising the event. It ran really smoothly, and was a valuable opportunity to make contact with some new and existing agents.

ELTHAM College

Education Agents Forum Sydney 2012

Congratulations again on such a successful event. I was extremely pleased with the number of agents I was able to meet from a wide range of markets. I look forward to participating in future events with you.

Australian School of Management

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in Education Agents Forum again this year. The event was well organised and we established some worthwhile contacts.

Careers Australia

This event was successful for our College, I would be prepared to participate again when another event takes place.

Australian Vocational Learning Centre, AVLC

I would like to say thank you for organizing an event whereby we were able to meet potential clients. I would once again like to extend my well wishes to you and the team for having us on board for the event.

Education Training & Employment Australia


Education Agents Forum Melbourne 2013

This is a fantastic event. I look forward participating the next event in Sydney.

ISA Australia

In education sector we need this Forum, it's very helpful for agents. I made a lot of new valuable contacts. Overall I love this Forum, thank you so much. Hope to see you in Sydney.

Exclusive Services International (ESI)

As a new agency we feel your Forum has given us the opportunity to meet providers outside our home base, giving us broader offering to prospective students. Thank you.

Select International Education Specialist

Thank you for an amazing job!

Global Education Source

Great work, thank you very much.

Vacat Education Consulting

Education Agents Forum Sydney 2012

I would like to thank you for organising this event, it was very productive. Please let me know for your future events so I can attend. Thank you again.

International Language & Education in Australia

Many thanks for you for organizing this event and I really appreciate your efforts and your hard work, and I look forward to participate in your next event.

International Group of Educational Consultancy (IGEC)

Thank you so much for organising the event and inviting me, it was fantastic and certainly useful.

Alim Multi Konsultan

Thank you for your support from before the Forum and during the event. I appreciate your warm assistance. I am sure we are going to use the new information gained from the event to provide better support and more opportunities for our students.

Edu-Migrate Information Centre

Thank you very much for arranging a valuable and well organised Forum. We appreciated the opportunity to participate and look forward to hearing about the next event with School Focus.

Sewoo Education Centre

Thank you very much for inviting me to the Forum. I've had a very valuable experience as it has provided me a good platform to meet many education providers and help form relationships with them. I was also very impressed that the whole event was so well organized, well done, much appreciated!

CH Immigration Services

Thank you for the event. It definitely was very productive. I am looking forward for the next one

Australian Centre

Thanks to you for the hospitality and invitation. It was very productive. Look forward to see you again.

Will World Australia

Thank you for allowing my new Agency to attend the Education Agents Forum. I had a great time and I managed to get few contracts with the Educational Providers. The whole organisation of the event was amazing. I am very happy that I was be able to participate. I look forward to coming for a new event.

Study Online Australia

Education Agents Forum Brisbane 2024

The Gordon will take part in the Forum.

Citipointe Christian College joined the Forum.

Agents recruiting students from China, Korea, Japan, Thailand joined the Workshop

Agents recruiting students from Colombia, Brazil and Mexico will take part in the Workshop

Agents recruiting students from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal joined the Workshop.

Agents recruiting students from Russia and Kazakhstan joined the Workshop.

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