About the Forum

Education Agents Forum is an event where local and international education agents can meet education providers.

Our next Forum will take place on 21rd of November 2022 in Melbourne. We expect 80+ education agents from more than 50 agencies to visit the event.

Our previous Forums took place in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in 2011-2019. Universities, colleges, English language schools and secondary schools from NSW, VIC, SA, TAS, WA and QLD met with education agents recruiting students from China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Mexico, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Russia.
You can read feedback from participating education providers and agents.

Benefits of participation for education providers:

Participation in the Forum will allow education providers to:

As a result of participation in the Forum education providers will:

What kind of agents will be at the Forum?

The majority of participating agents is experienced education agents based locally. A typical agency recruits hundreds of students per year. Many agencies also have offices/ representatives in the countries where they recruit students. Education providers can arrange one-to-one appointments with them.

We also invite agents that are just starting their activity as education agents - usually migration agents who decided to focus on education only recently.

How are the agents selected?

Before approving agency participation, we carefully check 2 references from the agency.

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Benefits of participation for education agents:

Participation in the Forum will allow education agents:

As a result of participation in the Forum education agents will:

What kind of education organisations will be at the Forum?

English language and secondary schools, VET, foundation and degree courses will be represented at the event.

Participation in the Forum is free for approved agents.

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Why should exhibitors participate

We invite organisations interested in presenting their products or services to the international education industry to join our event. Participation will allow you to meet 120+ international education industry professionals that recruit thousands of international students per year from more than 25 countries.

Exhibitors will be able to

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15/16 February 2022
Educators + North/South American agents

Agents from Mexico and Brazil joined the Forum

Agents recruiting students from Peru will take part in the Forum

Agents recruiting students from Argentina joined the Forum.

Agents recruiting students from Colombia joined the Forum.

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